Friday, August 7, 2009

Shopping Is SOOO Last Year

Confession: I am guilty. I am a serial shopper. My closets are full of clothes I HAD TO HAVE yet I never wear them. When I'm bored, I purge.

Confession: I love Pennsylvania German Folk Art. Whenever I find a good piece that I can actually afford (because I am not a DuPont) I pick it up for my museum, I mean my home. Not many pieces come to market for 8.99 so I have *gasp* purchased repros! These are Made In China, resin; the shameful Black Face of Pennsylvania Folk Art. I give them away, throw them away, hide them....

I'm not doing it anymore. I've kicked the habit; kicked the useless crap to the curb.

Tomorrow my friend needs to go shopping, AT THE MALL. Please refer to previous (April?) post if you need a refresher on my opinion of THE MALL. I find them ghastly.

That and Going Shopping has become shameful. If I do need to make a purchase, I feel like Ruth Madoff slinking down Park Avenue with Birkin hand bags in plain white wrapping - as if she has a load of clothes from Forever 21 in there!

So what to do? My friend honestly does need clothes. My wardrobe is obscene. But I'm a junkie. I have no doubt that I'll buy something tomorrow, if for no other reason than shear boredom. I could "Pull A Dad" and sit on a bench with a book. But I'm a junkie.

Last weekend a bunch of us went to Musikfest. If you are ever in Pennsylvania for this week in August, do not, I mean DO NOT miss this event. It's great; a sea of people drinking beer and dancing. And there is shopping.

Always the shopping. What's a junkie to do? I'll tell you. Duck into the tent with the long hippie dresses, love one, have the artist hold the dress over your head while you slip off your t shirt and shorts - and you're on your way! In a new outfit! Then head on over to the dedicated vendor area and support the independent artists. Hey man, we all need to make a living, right?

It wasn't as if this was Shadfest where the artists are selling the same necklaces every year (see another April post). Speaking of necklaces, there is one on Freepeople.

It's called the, "Painted Rosary". I love it, even for $288.00. There was a time, like last year, that I would have charged the necklace without a second thought. Not now. Why aren't the Shadfest necklace artists making THIS necklace for $60.00? I couldn't get my wallet out fast enough!

So anyway, support the independent artists at Musikfest is just what I did. I got some very cool stuff: a glass necklace on a cord, a tiny glass vase for my desk, a lotion stick. Things I will use, love and enjoy - along with the dress.

My husband was giving me the hairiest of eyeballs the entire time. And I felt ASHAMED. I was spending hard-earned cash in the midst of a Depression.

Next week I'll let you know what happens at the mall. I'm planning on a buffet of Bloody Mary's before I leave the house - and no, I won't be driving :~).

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